If you are looking for a blog with good art, interesting posts, or a lot of gifs, you are obviously mistaken.
My name is Daria Bobyl and this is a just a part of my shitty art and fanart. Welcome :)

Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar era (gel pen + copic markers)
Try to copy Alphonse-Mucha-style again. I did it before with my old self-portrait for Deviantart. I’m sorry. 
more Lindsey because I can’t stop
During the consultation at the Institute. Made by the mobile note-program (???)) 

Medic (c) Team Fortress 2
Well… it’s 3.47 am and tomorrow (today) I should get up at 9.00. So fuck sleeping, go and post something on tumblr right now! Well done Bobyl you are big idiot!

Lindsey (c) me
Lindsey (c) me 

(у него есть глаз, но у меня есть лень)
Создан с претензией “Ну должен же я хоть раз в жизни сделать что-то красивое”
red-long-haired man + round glasses + bored Bobyl
P.S. This guy hates me so much.


let them burn

I do not know why I drew this

Aaaaaa I can’t stop my unhealthy laugh

Marymask you are awesome! <3