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If you are looking for a blog with good art, interesting posts, or a lot of gifs, you are obviously mistaken.
My name is Daria Bobyl and this is a just a part of my shitty art and fanart. Welcome :)


Since it is my last year at school, my school mates and me are doing many thing “for the last time”. Today it was our last “day on duty” and thanks to my insistent pressure it was arranged in the Harry Potter style. It was so cool that I even thought for the second  that I will miss them … just for a second.

Here are some photos from the performance.

The quality is terrible, I know, but I cannot help it :C

Yah, the photo doesn’t show that my hair is violet but believe me, it is.

Sue-T as amazing Bellatrix <3

One more Medic. Without stupid dove Archimedes cause I can&#8217;t draw birds. Sorry me :/

Gel pen. And maybe one day I&#8217;ll pain(t) it, but I&#8217;m not sure :Р
creepy speedart with stupid dove :C
Medic(c) Team Fortress 2
 Проба нового планшета прошла неудачно 

St. Patrick’s Day. Moscow. Sokolniki Park.

It has been my dream since the year before last – to attend this action. At last it happened and I am happy <3

The people were really very friendly, allowed to take photos of them,  I was also photographed (and I was told that my top-hat and earrings were cool c: ), there were a lot of long-haired men in kilts awwwww. The music was good too, there were funny performance, in one word, the atmosphere was just fantastic. Everything would be marvelous, except for the weatherSevere Russian March (you can see its severity on the first photo) made us to leave in about an hour. 

I do not have any photo of myself because I am too fat and ugly to have at least one. Though since it turned out that people do not know at all how I look like, someday I will find something to post.


I have been running after the guy at the last photo for some time to take picture of him but at the same time to remain unnoticed. Fail.

Anna-Varney Cantodea
For Anastasia Kulagina.
It was hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I’m satisfied with myself and result
sorry for English again
Лайнарт- это моя вечная боль Т.Т
рисунок в процессе раскрашивания
I promised - I did. Anna-Varney Cantodea &lt;3
damn corn :&#8217;(


moonsugarlips said:You should post OC stuff more!

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Of course, on the part of a person who is completely isolated from the people in the net it is not quite correctly to say something about the circle of actively participating and connected buddies but I shall try…

I think that you just need more time. Of course 5 years (I judge by the first WOW art) it is quite a long period of staying in fandom but you became actually active only during last two years when Tumblr appeared, aren’t you? I may not be right here either just because I do not know if you have other ways of contacts with the people from fandom.

One more thing: maybe, you should not sleep so much? I understand that sleeping is the best way to save from any emotional pain but it distracts you from life, seriously.