If you are looking for a blog with good art, interesting posts, or a lot of gifs, you are obviously mistaken.
My name is Daria Bobyl and this is a just a part of my shitty art and fanart. Welcome :)

Draw this thing by my new Samsung Galaxy Note tablet in Galaxy Sketchbook program. Quality is terrible but it’s better than nothing.
I don’t know why but I always want to draw Lindsey after midnight. It’s 3.28 a.m. lol.
Lindsey (c) me

Surprising questions


Okay, all of the sudden there is 11 questions meme, i was tagged by pretty gluskling


  • post the rules
  • answer the questions the person who tagged you asked
  • write 11 new questions
  • tag 11 people

gluskling’s questions:

  1. If you were prime miniser/ruler of the world, what laws…

Okay I’ll try. Great pardon for my English guys. Again. 

1. Imagine yourself in your favourite movie (game). What movie or game is it and who you are in it?

Nice question. Well… sometimes I thought about my role in Team Fortress 2 and I still think that I could be good in Heavy’s role because a) I’m fat; b)I’m quite high; c)I like sandwiches; d) I’m quite strong and I love huge weapons like minigun; e) I love Medic ~<3

2. Did you ever felt like you’re capable of anything?

Haha. No. Never.

3. How do you think, what clouds are made of?

Probably they made of thousands little white fluffy kittens. Or cocaine.

4. That’s a common boring question, but - what’s your favourite song?

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows – “Les Fleurs du Mal”. Also “A Strange Thing To Say”

5. If you could predict the future, would you use it for good or won’t tell anyone?

I think I’d use it just for myself

6. Was there a time in your life, when after a great fail came a great happiness?

Sorry, I don’t remember. 

7. What do you really like about yourself?

Nothing, if we talk about my appearance. 

8. If you could give a name to a star, how would you name it?

I’ve no idea… Maybe Engelbert or Constance (I like these names so much)

9. Is there something you would like to change in your personality?

I’m shy, asocial, prude, hypocrite, touchy, sensitive, JEALOUS, vindictive, I have low self-esteem… I can list it endlessly…

10. What was the weirdest place you slept at?

At the classroom where I wrote my exams?

11. How did you came up with your nickname and what it means?

My name is Daria Bobyl (Дарья Бобыль), so Bobyl (Бобыль) is my surname. In Russia XV - early XVIII centuries it meant a single farmer who does not have a plot of land. Also called “kutnik”; in the eastern provinces,in the social and fiscal position close to the estate of Teptyars (thanks Wikipedia and Google translator). It sounds like [bɒbɪl’] because there is no sound «ы» in English. 

Sorry no questions from me because of my language barrier ;_;

Two variants of old sketch with humanised Discord. I still like both of them.

Discord (c) My Little Pony

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - At the Stroke of Midnight Gently

music(k) post. 

I think that there is no need to explain anything. Just listen.


I’m tired of writing it, but - sorry for my English -_-”

Quick selfportrait with new haircut for tumblr-icon and vk-id
3.27 a.m. What time is it? Sketching time!!
So&#8230; why not?
Попытка нарисовать то, что я не умею рисовать априори. Ракурсы и женственная женщина. Попытка не более.

Patricia, noJim, Lindsey, Eudes (c) me
Still no scanner.
Art-gift for Marymask 
Her amazing image of sweet Lily White from the resent comix about Marilyn Manson.
I do apologies for the quality but the scanner is not yet available and I’m using my camera and PixlrExpress-filters again.